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“There has been a need in our community for an organization like CAA, to help bring owners, agencies, contractors, engineering and consulting firms together under a mix of different programming to help advance inclusion work for all of our respective organizations and for the success of our city.” 


Cynthia Leitson, Cuyahoga Community College

Diversity & Inclusion
Our mission is to strengthen contracting, education and employment opportunities among minorities and women in construction.
Over 40 CAA Member's involved.
Over 50 CEA Contractors involved!

CAA Programs

Strengthening Diversity & Inclusion in the Northeast Ohio Construction Industry

CAA developed and supports CEA's Mentor Protégé Program and is working to continually improve the program as well as its standard outcomes.


CAA Members also are engaged in numerous education and training programs to enhance the capacity of firms.


CAA supports equal opportunity in construction and seeks to increase local residency employment and diversity.

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You can further the opportunities for diversity and inclusion in local construction projects.