Sign up for the Contractor Night School Series presented by Contractors Assistance Association and Next Generation Construction. Interested companies should submit their capability statement or company background (company, contract person, years in business, service/trade, 2020 annual revenue and contact information) to Maximim of two persons per company.


“To teach you something today, that you can use tomorrow”

Course Learning Outcomes

  • To become a better business leader and advance the success of my company
  • To create an implementation plan to win and manage work in a more efficient and cost-effective manner
  • To understand how to interact with the business and professional network in my sphere of influence in a successful manner

Class Learning Outlines/Outcomes

  1. Introduction - what are we teaching, what are our goals, what are their goals, strategic planning overview
    • To understand the basics of what we are teaching and the goals of the teaching
    • To create a set of goals for the student for the class
    • To introduce the concept of strategic planning
    • To understand why strategic planning is important to company and personal success
  2. How to win work – marketing, sales, tools to utilize
    • To understand the difference between marketing and selling
    • To understand the tools available for marketing
    • To review your current marketing and sales approach
    • To review estimating Template
  3. Estimating
    • To understand the estimating process
    • To review the Next Generation estimating template
    • To create a template that works for your business
    • To understand major estimating pitfalls/lessons learned
  4. How to manage work – PM tools, RFI, submittals, etc., safety
    • To identify the goals of a successfully managed project
    • To review specific PM tools available
    • To create an implementation plan to manage work
    • To understand Estimating as it relates to Project Management
  5. Changes - Bid supplements, change orders, budget management, addendums
    • To understand the definition of bid/project supplements on a project
    • To understand the impact of addendums during the bidding process
    • To understand the impact of change orders during construction
    • To understand your estimating spreadsheet as it relates to changes
  6. Soft Skills/interpersonal relationships
    • To understand what is meant by soft skills and interpersonal relations
    • To practice utilizing these skills in a group session
    • To understand how these skills benefit me as an owner/leader
    • To create an improvement plan to implement
  7. Networking – strategy, groups, doing a good job for your clients, trade organizations, recruitment
    • To create a list of possible networking team members
    • To understand the basic tenets of networking, why and with who
    • To understand networking opportunities, trade organizations, business groups
    • To understand how to network for talent acquisition
  8. Close out/final implementation - how to keep moving forward/reporting on progress/industry input/project
    • To understand how all the previous coursework ties together into a successful business
    • To create a plan to implement what we have learned
    • To understand how to identify information from the industry to develop trends, ideas, and steps moving forward
    • To understand how to interact with industry professionals
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