Construction Opportunity Fair

The Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development presents the 2023 Construction Opportunity Fair!

This event is held to bring together developers, prime/general contractors, assistance groups, bonding agents, owners and financial institutions in an effort to increase diversity and inclusion on major construction projects.

Our previous Construction Opportunity Fair was a monumental, thanks to the grassroots efforts of our team and community partners. With more than 200 attendees, we successfully elevated the visibility of MBE/EDGE/DBE/SBE/FBE firms, enlightened them with educational resources, and shone a spotlight on business support services at their disposal. We are looking forward to hosting construction project owners, contract awardees, product/service providers and connecting them with diverse firms that strive to achieve inclusion.

This event occurs on Friday February 3rd, from 3:30 pm -5:30 pm in person at Max Hays High School.


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Max S. Hayes High School
2211 W 65th St, Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
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