Building Insight: Trudy and Jose Ramos of Alternalite Electric, Inc

Jose and Trudy Ramos lead Alternalite Electric, Inc., a full-service union electrical contractor specializing in servicing and installing electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout Ohio.

President and CEO Trudy Ramos and Executive Vice President Jose Ramos founded Alternalite Electric in 2011 with a mission to provide flawless lighting and electrical solutions that eliminate customer pain points. Over the past decade, Jose and Trudy have built Alternalite into an industry leader poised to capitalize on the growing EV industry.

What has been the key to Alternalite’s success?

There is no one thing that has been the key to success. Rather, countless things working together in unison have helped us get this far. 

First and foremost is our faith in Jesus. Starting and running your own business is an exciting adventure, but it also brings with it incredible amounts of stress, blood, sweat and tears. Our faith helps us remain steadfast through the challenging times and remain humble in successful times. 

Second to Christ is the love, guidance and support of our family and friends. They are our inspiration and the reason we keep working hard each day. 

The countless business opportunities and mentoring support we have received from large contractors including Zenith Systems, US Communications & Electric, Lake Erie Electric and others has been critical to our success. We look forward to one day helping other small businesses get their start in the construction industry.

What important initiative is Alternalite focused on now?

We are constantly increasing our knowledge, experience, and capacity in the niche market of EV charging stations. Alternalite is in a great position to become Ohio's premier EV charging station contractor. This is a newer technology in the electrical industry still in early growth stages, especially in Ohio. As this market segment grows, we are taking steps to ensure our company will also grow to meet demand. Our goal is to establish Alternalite as Ohio’s contractor choice for all things EV. 

How has Alternalite benefitted from its CEA membership?

Glen and the team at CEA have been wonderful partners and a tremendous resource. CEA has provided us with several construction networking opportunities, training, and guidance on the SBA's PPP loan program. We know we have not even scratched the surface with everything CEA offers and we look forward to growing Alternalite’s relationship with CEA in the coming months and years. 

What is your favorite part of your job, and why?

One of the most rewarding aspects of this career is meeting other small business owners and seeing how we can work together. Every day brings new opportunities – no two days are the same. We truly enjoy being involved in so many different types of commercial, industrial, in institutional projects. Each new experience gives us more insight into Alternalite’s full potential, which is constantly evolving and expanding.