Combat Exclusion in the Workplace With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tim Milam, Construction Executive

Imagine: You are obligated to attend an event that you are dreading, and will be attending alone. As you walk into the venue, you feel everyone noticing you but there are no smiles, nods or greetings. As you scan the room, there are no familiar faces and it’s filled with small cliques in tight circles. You approach a nearby group, but everyone looks at you then continues their conversation. You start to feel tense and isolated as the evening drags on. There is no way to sneak out. A good time was not had by all.

Most people have experienced exclusion in some form. It can be painful to recall the embarrassment and nervousness, and can result in a loss of confidence and an avoidance of social situations or attempts to fit in. Exclusion happens everywhere—especially in the workplace where people spend a large portion of their time—and it is important that businesses create inclusive environments where employees can thrive.


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