Groundbreaking of CentroVilla 25: A New Milestone for Cleveland’s Vibrant Hispanic Community




By: khubert
July 19, 2023

Friday, July 14th marked a significant milestone for the vibrant Hispanic community in Northeast Ohio as we announced the groundbreaking of CentroVilla25 (CV25), an innovative project that promises to catalyze economic impact, foster business development, and celebrate the rich Latino culture in the region.
Jenice Contreras, CEO of the Hispanic Business Center, noted, “The Latino community has aspired to have a place and really plant roots in the community for over four decades. And CentroVilla25 is the first real, physical manifestation of that”. CV25 will not only serve as a hub for economic development but also as a symbol of the community’s resilience and determination.

Ward 14 City of Cleveland Councilwoman Jasmine Santana has been a strong advocate for CV25. She believes in the transformative power of economic development and wealth creation in improving families’ quality of life. “The CentroVilla25 project could have a ‘ripple effect’ to help address various challenges that Latino communities are facing,” Santana said.

“It is so exciting to be here today to celebrate what I think is one of the best investments Cleveland City Council has ever made in its history,” said Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin.

CentroVilla25, a $10.2 million investment into the community, aims to be a top-of-mind destination in the region, providing a unique blend of commerce, culture, and community. It will serve as an anchor in the heart of the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, uniting old and new while offering a vibrant, authentic, and inclusive Latino cultural district. The project is set to generate significant economic benefits, including job creation, business development, and tax revenues, thus contributing to the thriving local economy.

The project is a testament to the importance of small business owners in driving economic growth. As Councilwoman Santana shared, “When I think about CentroVilla25, I share that my mom was a natural entrepreneur that cleaned houses and sold food. If she would have had the opportunity to have a space at an affordable price and the tools to help her business grow, our economic status would’ve been different; we would not have struggled as much. We would have been able to build wealth”.

With plans to transform an old warehouse into a dynamic community center, CV25 will feature a specialty grocery store and 20 retailers, seven of which will be food-based, offering a diversity of options and creating a vibrant shopping experience6. The project will also provide an outdoor plaza for gathering arts and culture events and become the new home of the Hispanic Center and other anchor organizations.

CV25 is a testament to the resilience and entrepreneurship spirit in the Hispanic community. Randy Cedeño, Director of the Small Business Development Center at the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development, expressed excitement about the initiative, stating, “We have way more people interested than spaces we have available. Latinos represent the biggest sector of growth for new business in the state of Ohio”.
We anticipate some programming in 2023, with full operations set to commence in 20249. This project not only preserves the character of the Clark-Fulton community but also creates opportunities for wealth generation and bolsters the visibility of the Hispanic culture in the region.

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