Member Profile: Regency Construction Services

Tari S. Rivera

Job Title

Company Name
Regency Construction Services, Inc.

What Company Does 
Construction Management, Design Build and General Contracting

Favorite part(s) of your job and why? 
My favorite part is the pursuit and award of new and diverse projects. I like the dynamic of working with different clients, projects/materials and designers.

What has been the key to your company's success thus far? 
Developing relationships, delivering projects successfully and surrounding myself with great employees.

What important changes/initiatives are you working on now?
Recognizing the impact the pandemic has had on our industry, we are incorporating mental health conversations in our safety processes.

How has Regency Construction Services benefitted from its CEA membership?
Networking with other companies, sharing of industry practices, guidance relative to safety and the opportunity to serve on the board in a leadership position.

What is the importance of mentoring and inclusion? If you had/have a mentor, please identify and what value did it provide you/your company? 
Early in my career, I worked with a carpenter superintendent, Dick Just. Dick was willing to share his knowledge which helped me to build a solid understanding of the construction process which benefited me when I started my company and I still benefit from it today. He would always tell me to “do what you say you are going to do. It will earn you respect.”

How does Regency Construction Services find and retain talent? 
We find talent through word of mouth, by advertising and through our relationships with universities. We always hope that our culture plays a large part in the retention of employees. We believe that investing in training and development, providing diverse opportunities for growth and communicating the importance that every person brings to the team so they know the value of their efforts is important and key to retention. Also, CLE Builds has been a great resource for us to hire carpentry apprentices and has provided us an opportunity to expand our diverse workforce. 

What would you say to someone at the beginning of their career in construction? 
Construction is an exciting career choice and stays exciting due to every project being different.  I would counsel that a young person should be engaged and learn as much as possible from everyone around you. It will help build a foundation of knowledge that will serve you over your career.  I would also suggest that a young person consider volunteering in organizations like the ACE Mentor Program of Cleveland which provides networking opportunities, leadership opportunities and an opportunity to give back to the community.