Member Spotlight: M. Rivera Construction Company


Jen Toth

Company Profile
is a Cleveland based, MBE, FBE, WBE, SBE, EDGE Certified company offering selective and structural demolition services to North-East Ohio. Over the last three decades, MRC has earned a reputation in the community for delivering high-quality work in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Established in 1992, MRC employs Union crews with integrity and years of experience in the construction industry. MRC has a strong reputation for employing, cultivating, and promoting minority personnel within its ranks. MRC has a history of working with local Cleveland Unions that it hires from to provide opportunities for new and upcoming workers from diverse backgrounds. MRC is an equal opportunity employer that strives to further Minority, Female, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, and Low-Income Residents as it has on previous high-profile Cleveland & Cuyahoga County projects. ​

Favorite part(s) of your job & why:
I enjoy that no day is the same and I can work both in the office and go out to jobs all in the same day. I am proud we are providing well-paying jobs with good benefits to our employees. I enjoy seeing the jobs from start to finish and know that we had a part in it. 

What has been the key to your company's success thus far?
We are only as good as our estimators and our workforce. We have a great crew, who work hard and want to see the company succeed. Our estimators have many years of experience both in and in the office and use that experience to bid competitively. We have earned a reputation of providing quality work that general contractors seek out.  

How has M. Rivera Construction benefitted from its CEA membership?
We have benefited from the network of support from other members and the CEA leadership. It is also a great tool for finding out what new directives and information that are coming from the government, BWC, unions, and OSHA. 

What would you say to someone at the beginning of their career in construction?
It is hard work, but it is a great job that you can build a lasting career out of. The pay is good and so are the benefits. Show up on time ready to work hard and learn as much as you can from experienced people in whatever trade you choose. The more you learn the more valuable you become to the companies you will work for.