Regency Construction Services Recognizes as a 2021 Progressive Organization

Smart Business

From its founding in 1994, Regency Construction Services Inc. has offered women an example of what is possible and an opportunity to grow personally and professionally within the construction industry. Its success is grounded in President Tari Rivera’s astute expertise in engineering, strong community focus and progressive entrepreneurial spirit.

Encouraged by a father and grandfather who were both engineers, Rivera started her career as a project engineer with an established construction company. For 12 years, she learned the ropes from talented construction managers and had great opportunities to effect change with new buildings in communities across Ohio. She was one of only a few female engineers in the field at the time, but navigating this territory was nothing new.

In 1994, the construction company Rivera worked for unexpectedly closed its doors and, taking a leap of faith, she worked out a business plan for the company that would eventually become Regency Construction Services Inc.

She had experience working with vertical builds and carpentry, so she used those services as her base. She knew that to be successful, she would have to be able to forecast detailed cost estimates and timelines, so she decided the new company would have in-house estimating and scheduling services to ensure the best service for her clients.