Women in Construction Are a Competitive Advantage

Sally Hoekstra, Construction Executive

The construction industry is evolving, and so is its workforce. Thirty years ago, women made up less than 10% of STEM graduates, a figure that now hovers around 30%. With the number of women earning degrees and pursuing careers in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction increasing every year, the industry is poised to tap into its largest and most diverse talent pool to date.

According to Randstand, one-third of construction companies promoted women into senior leadership roles, and there has been a 64% growth in woman-owned construction firms in the last decade. Women are being recruited and promoted in the workplace because of the strengths they bring to the construction industry.

Many of the attributes that women bring to a jobsite have long been deemed assets to project delivery. But why is gender diversity critical to competition and how do women strengthen the industry?


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