Turner Construction Cleveland’s 6-Month Bid Forecast for June 2022


United States

Turner Construction
Bid date
Where/how are plans available

Please review carefully so you may accurately allot appropriate resources to bid our work.

If you have questions about these projects, we have listed the Project Manager and Pre-Con Lead for each project. As we typically request with this forecast, please make sure we know which jobs are particularly on your radar.

For information on projects under $5M in volume with our Special Projects Division please contact Ed Hallis, Special Projects Division Manager, at (216) 522-1180.

As always, with this forecast, we are requesting a reply with feedback from your firm:

  1. Specifically indicated which of these projects are especially on your radar (and which are not).  If you pursue and win one of your projects, will if impact your ability to bid (aggressively)/perform other projects coming soon after?
  2. We need to understand what other non-Turner projects in the market are currently on your radar during this same period.  We would greatly appreciate any information about these other jobs, to whatever level of detail/specificity that you are able to share.


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